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[Graduate School] Spring 2024 Preliminary Examination Schedule

April 3, 2024l Hit 24


We are pleased to inform you of the preliminary examination schedule for the Spring 2024 academic year.

1. Eligibility: Candidates expected to graduate with their doctoral degrees in February 2025.

Required Documents:

Submissions outside of the designated periods are NOT allowed.
     a. [Attachment 01] 위원위촉보고서: Thursday, April 18, 2024 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024
     b. [Attachment 02] 논문지도결과보고서, 국제학술지 게재 확인서: Wednesday, July 17, 2024 – Monday, July 29, 2024

 ※ If you have an international journal achievement, submit a copy of the first page of the paper.

3. Submission Location: Department office (Room 319, Building 301) / Ms. Seonhee Cho

4. Points to Note:

  a. When composing the Committee Appointment Report, all professors affiliated with Seoul National University are considered internal members.

  b. The chairman of the preliminary examination is the supervising professor. In the semester when the actual thesis examination takes place, two additional examiners are added, making a minimum of five examiners, with the supervising professor becoming the vice-chairman.

Examiner Qualifications:
Full-time, funded, HK, and non-regular faculty of SNU
External experts with a PhD and who fulfill one of the following:
a. Faculty of another university: Associate Professor or higher
b. Research Institute Researcher: Those with over 2 years of research experience post-PhD
External members can be appointed
Emeritus professors from Seoul National University can be examiners

  c. Both students who have and haven't published must submit the ‘International Journal Publication Verification’. If not published, submit with the supervising professor's signature (or seal) in the relevant section.

  d. There are no fees and online registration for the preliminary examination.

  e. If there's an international journal achievement, submit only one achievement.

○ Inquiries: Department Office (Room 319, Building 301) / Seonhee Cho / seonhee@snu.ac.kr / 02-880-7304