Prof. Jaeha Kim, ARM, SNU, KOVA signs business contract… “To aid the takeoff of system semiconductor startups”(NewsPim 2020.04.22.)

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The English semiconductor architecture company ARM, SNU, and KOVA (Korea Venture Business Association) have signed the No. 12 Generous Company (자상한 기업) business contract.

In order to support innovative growth of startups and venture businesses in the system semiconductor field, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) signed the No. 12 Generous Company business contract via online video for the first time in the morning of April 22nd.

Thus, startups and venture businesses in the system semiconductor field that aim to design and implement system semiconductors now have free access to the development support program(Flexible Access) that is provided by the English company ARM. The development support program Flexible Access includes design packages to technically support CPUs, GPUs, and IP usage that are necessary for system semiconductor design.

Because the success of semiconductors is determined by who is the first to develop and launch chips, tested IPs are used in most cases.

Until now, however, the cost of using IPs acted as a barrier to entry for startups and venture businesses in the system semiconductor field and hindered innovation.

To tackle this problem, MSS has signed a contract with ARM for the usage of Flexible Access. During today’s online agreement ceremony, ARM was chosen as the No.12 Generous Company for its aid in the innovation of domestic startups and ventures businesses.

Generous Companies’ are major business enterprises that share their technology and infrastructure and voluntarily cooperate with SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Until now, eleven companies were selected, and ARM is the first global company to be chosen as a generous company.

Simon Segars, ARM’s CEO, commented on the agreement ceremony that the company is pleased to hold hands with Korea, a global leader in the semiconductor field, and hopes that Korean startups will achieve success and more.

SNU President Se-jung Oh said, “We will focus our university’s manpower and infrastructure to help Korea takeoff as a leader in semiconductors all-round.”

Minister Young-sun Park noted, “COVID-19, accompanied by the spread of untact interactions, will accelerate the transition to digital economy. The agreement ceremony, which was held using the online video chatting technology of Dial Communications, a domestic MSE, holds significance for MSS, which is trying to drive the transition to digital economy.”

She added, “The first Generous Company agreement for cooperation beyond national borders will help the innovation and growth of domestic fabless semiconductor companies (semiconductor design businesses). I hope this contract will act as a cornerstone for further collaborations that will assist the global semiconductor ecosystem.”


Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,