Professor Sung-Hoon Kwon designed a new fabrication process for micro-LEDs, where simply placing it ...

Professor Sung-Hoon Kwon’s research team designed a new fabrication process involving fluidic self-assembly. The work, which was the culmination of 5 years of micro-LED mass production research with LG Electronics, was published on the Nature journal.
Jul 28, 2023l 452

Professor Deog-Kyoon Jeong awarded IEEE Technical Field Awards (2023.07.11)

Professor Deog-Kyoon Jeong has been selected as the recipient of the 2024 Don Pederson Award in the semiconductor circuit field. He is the first from South Korea to receive the IEEE Technical Field Award in the field of semiconductor circuits.
Jul 28, 2023l 295

Professor Dong-Il Cho inaugurated as the President of the International Federation of Automatic Cont...

SNU College of Engineering announced on the 12th that Professor Jo Dong-Il of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has been inaugurated as the President of the IFAC for a three-year term (2023-2026) during the IFAC World Congress held in Yokohama, Japan on the 10th of July.
Jul 12, 2023l 183

Professor Yong-Taek Hong developed a thermoelectric device that operates on body heat alone. (Scienc...

Korean researchers have developed a high-performance flexible thermoelectric device that operates on body heat alone, without the need for a battery. This device can be used to power wireless wearable electronic devices.
Jun 20, 2023l 309

Professor Hyung-Cheol Shin, SNU designated as one of the semiconductor specialized universities. (El...

The government has selected eight universities, including Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Kyungpook National University (Yonhap), as semiconductor specialized universities, allocating a budget of 54 billion won this year.
Jun 13, 2023l 252

Graduate Students’ Exchange Meeting (Electric TalkTalk) Held (2023.5.31)

The graduate students’ exchange meeting (Electric Talk Talk) was held on May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) at the restaurant on the B1 floor of building 301.
Jun 5, 2023l 272

2023 Female Students’ Gathering (Halmaehoe) Held (2023.06.01)

On June 1, 2023 (Thursday), Halmaehoe, the department’s female students’ gathering, took place at the Multipurpose Hall in Lakgujeong.
Jun 2, 2023l 475

Professor Jung-Ik Ha, Hyundai Motor Company and Kia establishes joint research lab for electrificati...

Hyundai Motor Company (hereinafter referred to as Hyundai) and Kia have joined hands with domestic universities in the field of electric vehicle power electronics (PE) components to secure technologies to take the lead in the global electric mobility market.
May 24, 2023l 413

Professor Deog-Kyoon Jeong received the Order of Service Merit during the Science and ICT Day. (Open...

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Communications Commission (hereinafter 'KCC') held the '2023 Science and ICT Day Commemorative Ceremony' on the afternoon of the 21st at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Center.
May 9, 2023l 467

Professor Hyuk-Jae Lee, Seoul National University, KAIST, and Hanyang University Designated as AI Se...

Seoul National University, KAIST, and Hanyang University were designated as AI semiconductor graduate schools.
May 8, 2023l 443