Professor Jin-Ho Lee awarded the Best Paper Award from 2022 PACT. (2022.10.)

Professor Jin-Ho Lee’s lab was awarded the Best Paper Award from 2022 PACT (International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques), a leading academic conference on computer architectures, through the joint research of Yonsei University and Samsung Electronics.
Nov 23, 2022l 714

Professor Yong-Taek Hong elected as a regular member of the Korea Academy of the Science and Technol...

KAST announced on the 20th that during the “2022 2nd periodic general assembly” that was held on the 17th, 28 members were elected as new regular members of KAST for the year 2023.
Nov 20, 2022l 518

Professor Jong-Ho Lee(S) says, “We need 3~4 more technologies similar to semiconductors, which the U...

Science and technology are now at the forefront of global competition for hegemony. The United States is strengthening its hegemony through the IRA and the CHIPS act, and is strongly demanding Korea to participate in the “CHIP 4” alliance.
Nov 11, 2022l 1575

Emeritus Professor Kwang-Seok Suh, and Sin-du Lee, elected as members of the first 22-strong civilia...

22 members of the first presidential advisory council on science and technology for President Yoon were elected.
Nov 11, 2022l 610

Professor Sung-Jae Kim awarded the Sinyang Engineering Research Award (2022.10.19.)

The Dean of the College of Engineering, Yu-Seok Hong, announced on the 20th that he had selected 6 professors from the College of Engineering to be awarded the 2022 Sinyang Engineering Research Award.
Oct 26, 2022l 600

Ji-Soo Kim, Yoo-Na Lee, and Jae-Woo Choi(Advising professor: Jae-Ha Kim) awarded the industry specia...

The undergraduate students Ji-Soo Kim, Yoo-Na Lee, and Jae-Woo Choi(Advising professor: Jae-Ha Kim) participated in the 23rd Korea Semiconductor Design Competition (C-PHY modeling using XMODEL) and won the industry special award.
Oct 19, 2022l 727

Professor Sung-Hoon Kwon awarded the 36th Inchon award (The Dong-A Ilbo, 2022.09.06.)

The Inchon steering committee (Chairperson Do-Yeon Kim) processed candidates for the education, journalism·culture, humanities·social studies, science·technology categories from the 1st of May until late August this year.
Oct 13, 2022l 1158

Professor Jong-Mo Seo, Revolutionizing public health technology for the betterment of humanity (The ...

It has been 2 years and a half since COVID-19 struck the world. With variants emerging without end, the end of the pandemic seems far away, and preventive measures are getting weaker. As medical experts predicted, the mortality rate of successive variants is getting lower.
Oct 13, 2022l 767

Professor Kyoung-Mu Lee, an internationally prominent scholar in the field of artificial intelligenc...

Se-Jung Oh, the President of SNU, appointed 3 full-time professors as “SNU honorary chair professors of 2022” on the 1st of September to support the research activities of the faculty members that are reputed internationally for their exceptional academic achievements.
Oct 13, 2022l 985

Professor Jong-Ho Lee, ‘Going beyond semiconductors, he proficiently managed ICT tasks which directl...

Minster Lee is evaluated as one of President Yoon’s most trusted members of the State Council.....
Aug 29, 2022l 467