Professor Seung-Woo Seo to participate in LG’s shareholder’s meeting on May 27th… Appointed as an ex...

LG Electronics announced on the 24th that it will hold the “21st regular shareholders' meeting” at 9:30 am on March 27 in the auditorium on the 1st basement floor of the east wing of LG Twin Towers, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.
Feb 24, 2023l 434

The knight of holographic displays(nature photonics, 2023)

Byoungho Lee made major contributions in the fields of holographic display, holographic sensing and augmented and virtual reality technology until his untimely passing on 7 November 2022, aged 58.
Jan 25, 2023l 469

Professor Hyuk-Jae Lee says, “The lukewarm semiconductor policies has to be modified” (The Munhwa Il...

Last November, South Korea's current account balance turned deficit after three months. This year, concerns are growing about a 'twin deficit' in both fiscal and account balances. This is primarily attributed to a decline in exports, with decline in semiconductor exports in particular accounting for a significant portion. Notably, the fourth-quarter performance of Samsung Electronics plummeted by about 70% to 4.3 trillion won, a stark contrast to the previous year's 13.87 trillion won.
Jan 11, 2023l 131

[Hyuk-Jae Lee’s Chip Behind] Utilization of domestic AI semiconductors must be carried out step-by-s...

Professor at the SNU Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering AI semiconductor, the core technology of the 4th industrial revolution Performance, operational stability not validated yet Program environment that captures errors has to be created, and the technology should be open to normal users to enhance efficiency
Jan 7, 2023l 151

Professor Sung-Hoon Kwon developed a ‘cancer network’ using AI technology for the development of nex...

■ Science - Research by Sung-Hoon Kwon, SNU Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Kyung-Cheol Moon of SNU College of Medicine Interactions among cancerous tissue cells visualized into a map. Patients’ 5-year survival rates accurately predicted using graph-based deep learning. “Can also be applied to MRIs and X-rays… will be a great help to the field of medical video data analysis.”
Jan 4, 2023l 111

Professor Hyuk-Jae Lee elected as the chairman of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engin...

The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers announced on the 27th that they have elected Hyuk-Jae Lee, a professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SNU, as the 53rd chairman. The term will last for a year, starting from the 1st of January next year.
Dec 29, 2022l 537

Professor Young-Min Kim selected as the awardee of the Haedong Award commissioned by the Institute o...

The awardee of the 32nd Haedong Award, which is commissioned by the Korean Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers (Chairman Seung-Woo Lee), and funded by the Haedong Foundation, was selected. The Haedong Academic Award was given to Professor Byung-Woo Jung from SKKU.
Dec 29, 2022l 578

Professor Sae-Woong Bahk, Kyu-Seok Shim, and Hyuk-Jae Lee appointed as new members of the National A...

NAEK (Chairman Oh-Kyung Kwon), the highest authority in the field of engineering technology in Korea, announced the list of new members for the year 2023 (44 regular members, 93 general members), which was confirmed after a 10-month-long multi-stage review.
Dec 27, 2022l 486

Professor Jong-Ho Lee, [Electronic Times Essays] A bold future led by innovations in the field of sc...

The world now looks very different from what it did just 5 years ago.
Dec 26, 2022l 530

Professor Sang-Kyun Cha, [Maeil Essays] For Korea’s universities to lead the world (Maeil Business N...

During Christmas, as I was completing my Maeil Essays, which I started writing three years ago, I came across John’s verse, “the truth will set you free”.
Dec 25, 2022l 492