[ECE Department] Professor Kyomin Jung Presents 6 Papers for the EMNLP Conference

The research team of professor Kyomin Jung (SNU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Interdisciplinary Program in Artificial Intelligence) gets to present 6 papers (Main: 4, Findings: 2) in EMNLP 2023, one of the most acknowledged natural language processing (NLP) conferences.
Oct 16, 2023l 321

[ECE Department] [Professor Jung-Ik Ha] Seoul National University & MIT Joint Research Team Wins IEE...

The following article reported by a joint research team of Seoul National University (SNU) professor Jung-Ik Ha(corresponding author, Electric Power Research Institute), Myongji University professor Euihoon Chung(first author, submitted the article as a Ph.D. candidate in SNU), and MIT professor David Perreault, was chosen as the best paper in 2023 for the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics, a leading journal on industrial electronics.
Oct 4, 2023l 351

[Hyuk-Jae Lee’s Chip Behind] The semiconductor technology war and Korea’s hidden card (Seoul Economy...

Hyuk-Jae Lee, professor at the SNU Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering Value of semiconductor rapidly increasing with microfabrication Another chance for development has arrived with the advent of AI When PIMs are commercialized, it is expected that Korea will lead the market
Aug 26, 2023l 426

Researcher Jong-Ho Park (Supervisor: Yong-Taek Hong), IMID 2023, Best Paper Award Certificate Gold

Researcher Park Jong-ho (Supervisor: Hong Yong-taek) delivered a presentation at IMID 2023 on the topic of electrode printing processes utilizing nano-particle-based physical structures. He was selected as a presenter in the Young Leaders Conference session 2 (YLC2), and among the five participants, he was awarded the first place, receiving the Gold Best Paper Award Certificate.
Aug 25, 2023l 411

Professor Jeong-Hun Kwak awarded the Merk Award and the Young Scientist Award (Electronic Times, 202...

Merck Korea nominated Jae-Kyung Jung, professor at Hanyang University, and Jeong-Hun Kwak, professor at SNU for the Merck Award and the Young Scientist Award.
Aug 25, 2023l 449

Professor Kyo-Min Jung awarded the Best Paper Award in the 11th Dialogue System Technology Challenge...

The research team led by Professor Kyo-Min Jung from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University (Ph.D. candidate Ju Sung-ho*, Ph.D. candidate Lee Kang-il*, master’s Candidate Min Kyung-min*, *: equal contributions) has been awarded the Best Paper Award in the Task-oriented Conversational Modeling with Subjective Knowledge track of the 11th Dialogue System Technology Challenge (DSTC11).
Aug 24, 2023l 415

Applied Superconductivity Laboratory released a Youtube video summarizing LK-99 paper, which claims ...

Seoul National University's Superconductivity Applied Research Lab (Supervisor: Professor Seung-Yong Hahn) created and released a video on YouTube addressing the ongoing controversy surrounding LK-99. Released on August 3rd, the video systematically compares and analyzes the characteristics of the verified superconductor across three categories, based on the results presented in two LK 99 arXiv papers.
Aug 24, 2023l 409

Professor Sung-Jae Kim developed a new nanoelectrohydraulic method for concentrating low-concentrati...

On the 16th, Seoul National University College of Engineering (Dean Yu-seok Hong) announced that a collaborative research team consisting of Prof. Sung-Jae Kim from the Dept. of ECE and Prof. Ho-Yeong Kim from the Dept. of ME has developed a new nanoelectrohydraulic method that concentrates low-concentration substances into high concentrations using fluid penetration due to hierarchical capillary phenomenon in multilayered paper channels.
Aug 16, 2023l 451

Professor Kyoung Mu Lee, Resurrecting Beloved Ones with 'Generative AI'... What are the pr...

Resurrecting Beloved Ones with 'Generative AI'... What are the problems to solve amidst the several challenges? In 2007, a fallen Air Force pilot was reunited with his mother. This was made possible by 'Generative AI' technology. The reunion of a mother and her son through the use of AI. The reunion touched the hearts of many. While AI technology may enable us to see the faces of missed ones, there are still many issues to address, such as issues regarding portrait rights and copyrights.
Aug 2, 2023l 162

Professor Kyoung Mu Lee says, “Large AI models needs to take in visual data to be complete.”(Yonhap ...

“LG’s large AI model, ‘EXAONE’, has advantages that language models such as ChatGPT do not possess.”
Aug 2, 2023l 177