Researcher Gyeonsik Moon(Advisor: Kyoung Mu Lee), Publishes 4 ECCV2020 papers… Was recognized by one of the top 3 conferences of the entire AI field, First in Korea(Artificial Intelligence Times, 2020.08.18)

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Ph.D. Candidate Gyeonsik Mun of SNU Computer Vision Lab

Researcher Gyeonsik Moon, who is in his Ph.D. course at SNU Computer Vision Lab (Advisor Kyoung Mu Lee), is the first author of four papers related to human pose estimation that have been published on ECCV (European Conference on Computer Vision)2020, one of the top conferences in AI and computer vision.

In particular, one of the four papers was selected for oral presentation. Only a small number of papers of great impact are chosen for oral presentation.

ECCV is one of the top 3 academic conference in all fields of artificial intelligence based on Google Scholar. It is known for being difficult to get accepted to and being influential. This year, a total of 5,025 valid papers were submitted and 1.361 accepted, showing a 27% publication rate, and 104 papers were selected for oral presentation, which was 2% of the submitted papers.

Professor Kyoung Mu Lee, who was advisor, said, “It is a first in Korea for a graduate student to be the first author of a top conference in AI for four papers at once. This rarely happens worldwide. This is evidence of the research skills of Korean graduate students in AI.”

The papers being published by Professor Kyoung Mu Lee’s research team are ▶ “I2L-MeshNet: Image-to-Lixel Prediction Network for Accurate 3D Human Pose and Mesh Estimation from a Single RGB Image” (Gyeongsik Moon and Kyoung Mu Lee ECCV2020), ▶ “DeepHandMesh: A Weakly-supervised Deep Encoder-Decoder Framework for High-fidelity Hand Mesh Modeling” (Gyeongsik Moon, Takaaki Shiratori, and Kyoung Mu Lee), ▶ “InterHand2.6M: A Dataset and Baseline for 3D Interacting Hand Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image (Gyeongsik Moon, Shoou-I Yu, He Wen, Takaaki Shiratori, and Kyoung Mu Lee), ▶ “Pose2Mesh: Graph Convolutional Network for 3D Human Pose and Mesh Recovery from a 2D Human Pose” (Hongsuk Choi*, Gyeongsik Moon*, and Kyoung Mu Lee)

ECCV 2020 will be held for five days beginning on August 23rd .

Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,