Professor Jang-Woo Kim’s start-up Mangoboost, which he had founded with his students, earned a seed investment worth 13 billion wons. (The Korean Economic Daily, 2022.05.30)

2022-05-30l Hit 27

Mangoboost, a domestic system semiconductor start-up, possesses several proprietary technologies related to DPU design.

Jang-Woo Kim, CEO of Mangoboost

Mangoboost, a start-up that specializes in data processing unit (DPU) design, has gained an investment worth 13 billion wons.

Major domestic venture capitals, such as Stone Bridge Ventures, DSC Investments, and Must Ventures, as well as Hong Kong-based asset management company IM Capital Partners, participated in the investment.
Through this investment, Mangoboost plans to establish itself as a global system semiconductor start-up by actively attracting excellent personnel to domestic and US subsidiaries.

Mangoboost is a start-up founded by Jang-Woo Kim, a professor at the SNU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and his students this year, and is composed of expert personnel from domestic and international companies that have experience in DPU-related semiconductors and software. In addition, Dr. Eriko Nurvitadhi, who led the development of data center accelerator products at Intel’s headquarters, has joined the US subsidiary to conduct global product planning and customer sales.

In particular, Mangoboost’s DPU development team has been consistently presenting core technologies and prototypes related to development at ISCA, ASPLOS, MICRO, OSDI, and ATC, which are academic conferences in the field of computer structures and systems, and have been recognized for their technological achievements in the industry. Prototype MBDPU-1, which is planned to be released soon, improves performances in the core data center and cloud workload by more than three times compared to existing server structures, while reducing server CPU usage by more than 50%. The company explained that the prototype shows better performance compared to competing DPU products released by Nvidia and AMD/Xilinx by more than 40%.

Jang-woo Kim said, “Thanks to the high evaluation of Mangoboost’s technology by the investors, we have been able to attract stable follow-up investment and proceed with speedy development. In the midst of fierce competition among global IT companies to occupy the future DPU-related market, we now possess proprietary technology and developers that surpass those of global IT companies. It is our goal to stand tall as a world-class system semiconductor company.”

Meanwhile, Mangoboost is accelerating the recruitment of proficient talents following the successful investment attraction. Jobs in the fields of hardware architecture/system architecture, FPGA design, SoC design, and system software are currently open.




Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,